HARALD PIHL is a family owned company founded in 1912. We are convinced that long-term success goes hand in hand with sustainable development and corporate responsibility. For us sustainability includes long-term development in economic, environmental and social aspects. As with other activities at HARALD PIHL we strive to continuously improve our procedures and processes. We see it as a given that we must meet the current laws and regulations in place.


We are driven by shared values ​​that we should be a sustainable company with a conscious and controlled environment. At HARALD PIHL we want to meet demands without compromising the future– we want to contribute to sustainable development! Primarily, we are committed to making our environmental impact as small as possible. We do this through having a good waste management system and by minimizing our emissions. We also strive to use our resources as efficiently as possible. All our employees participate in our environmental efforts - internal communication and education on the matter helps to create a bigger commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We constantly evaluate our processes to identify opportunities for improvement. We want to work with like-minded suppliers. Our goal is that our customers and partners see us as the responsible choice when looking for a material supplier.

Health and Safety

Workplace safety is a top priority. To prevent work-related accidents, we make sure our staff are provided with the relevant training and education that is needed and we provide a safe working environment. We work proactively and continuously evaluate our processes and any possible risks. All employees are responsible for contributing to a safe workplace. We stand for equal rights and dignity! Our employees at HARALD PIHL are the most important resource we have and we are proud of the excellence that permeates our entire organization. Protecting the health and well-being of our staff is therefore a natural part of our corporate culture. We want all employees to have a good balance between work and private life and we are convinced that it is essential for long term success.