High resistant alloys for specific demands

Discover our vast range of alloys made from titanium, copper, stainless steel and nickel. With the largest stock of special alloys available in Europe, we offer high-quality alloys that are sure to meet the demands of your industry. You find extensive information about each product in the product-sheets here below as well as current stock status.

Special alloys for all needs

If you´re in need of titanium metal you can be certain to find alloys that has both a high strength, a low weight as well as a high corrosion resistance. Regarding nickel, we offer alloys with an excellent rupture strength and a terrific weldability. You will also find durable copper beryllium alloys that are commonly used for spring and contact material and stainless steel tubing.

As the fastest alloy supplier in Europe, we offer on-time deliveries all over the world. Our experts are more than happy to help if you’re in need of assistance, please contact us with any requirement or question. With extended expertise through decades in this field, we are at the forefront regarding documentation and quality control.

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