Find heat resistant alloys that fit the need of your industry in our extensive stock, the largest one in Europe. We offer alloys that are both heat resistant as well as corrosion resistant, all to fit the need of your specific industry. In our stock you find everything from Alloy X to WASPALOY and Inconel, alloys that are both of high quality as well as cost-effective. We work hard to offer alloys to each industry of our customers.

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Heat resistant alloys are often utilized where applications require high temperature strength and resistance to thermal cycling. With our vast knowledge, we know the importance of having heat resistant alloys that you can trust even in extreme environments. Our experts are standing by to assist you with your order and choice of alloy. Please contact us for any need or questions.  No matter where in the world you want us to ship the alloys, we offer fast and on-time deliveries. We accept all kinds of drawings.

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