Discover our excellent and cost-effective nickel-based alloys. The inconel metal can handle extreme environments and are particularly useful for pitting and crevice corrosion. With extended expertise through decades in this field, we’re at the forefront regarding documentation and quality control. Specialized in the toughest materials with the highest strength/weight ratio for the hardest of environments thinkable.

On-time deliveries all over the world
We not only offer the largest stock in Europe and a high expertise, we make sure to provide on-time and high-quality deliveries according to your requirements all over the world. With iconel metal for industries such as paper processing and pollution control, we provide alloys that meet your specific demands. With extensive stocks here in Europe, we ship alloys that matches your needs, regardless if you’re interested in commercially pure nickel or a nickel-cromium alloy. 

Read more about the various types of alloys that we offer here below. We will be happy to participate in finding the right solutions for you. Please contact us for any need or questions. 

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