We offer a wide range of high-quality welding materials from our extensive stock, from titanium welding wire to copper-nickel alloys. We also offer high-quality welding electrodes. With an extensive knowledge of welding we are proud to offer welding materials to fit the need of each industry. With extended expertise through decades in this field, we’re at the forefront regarding documentation and quality control.

Vast knowledge of metallurgy
We have a vast knowledge of metallurgy and know the importance of having welding products that you can trust even in extreme environments. With the largest stock in Europe, we offer on-time and fast shipments all over the world. Do you find it hard choosing which welding material is the best to fit your specific need? Our experts are more than happy to help if you’re in need of assistance when choosing the right copper alloy for your production, please contact us for any need or questions. As a family company, we value each customer and work hard to find the best welding material for you.

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