1. Objective
This document provides instructions and define the principles which govern relations between HARALD PIHL and its suppliers regarding the quality and reliability of the items supplied. It employs, as a foundation, AS 9120 requirements supplemented by HARALD PIHL's requirements.

2. Applicability
The requirements are an obligation for the supplier when stipulated via the HARALD PIHL purchase order.

3. General
These general terms of conditions of purchase shall apply unless they have been amended by written agreement between HARALD PIHL and the supplier, where HARALD PIHL expressly has agreed to deviations from these terms.

4. Communication
The supplier shall meet all requirements mentioned in the HARALD PIHL purchase order.
A written confirmation from HARALD PIHL is needed for any deviation from the purchase order.

Unless otherwise specified or agreed, all supplier communication with HARALD PIHL shall be sent to the appointed representative at HARALD PIHL.

The purchaser must always be informed about all known instances and non-conformances that may affect the order.

The supplier is to advise HARALD PIHL in a timely manner regarding any Quality Management or Organization changes as well as other relevant changes of the supplier's organization or changes of facilities.

All information needed for verification and acceptance of the product to be supplied shall be written in English.

The on-time delivery performance, quality of the material and the service is monitored for each delivery and will affect the supplier's evaluation score.

5. Product quality
The finish on all products shall be of best quality, processes and workmanship, without fault and conform in all respects with the Order and specification.

Goods purchased for the aerospace industry shall be in accordance with recognized aircraft quality manufacturing practice and shall be consistent with the requirements for the function of the part.

All personal performing work on products purchased by HARALD PIHL shall be qualified and certified as required per applicable specifications.

All parts shall be free from dirt, metal chips and other foreign matter, which may affect the reliability or function product or the intended end-use of the product.

The supplier shall ensure they have systems in place to prevent the supply of counterfeit or suspected counterfeit goods.

6. Quality system requirements
Third party certification to AS/EN/JISQ 9100 or AS/EN/JISQ 9120 is required for suppliers holding a purchase order intended for the aerospace industry with HARALD PIHL. Suppliers of laboratory services shall be certified to ISO 17025 or NADCAP.

Suppliers of material which is not intended for the aerospace industry shall be third party certified according to ISO 9001.

Upon request, the supplier shall be willing to share all relevant certifications with HARALD PIHL.

Exceptions to any of the above QMS requirements can only be made if approved by the HARALD PIHL in writing.

7. End-user requirements
When end-user requirements are specified in the purchase order they apply in full. All communication related to the requirements shall be performed with and obtained through HARALD PIHL instead of the end-user.

8. Document control
The latest version of the HARALD PIHL's Purchase Conditions is available upon request.

Unless an agreement is in place between the supplier and the purchaser, the latest revisions of the specifications mentioned on the purchase order shall be fully implemented.

The supplier shall maintain adequate documented information, including inspection and tests, for a minimum period of 10 years.

9. Procurement
The supplier is responsible to assure that all HARALD PIHL requirements applicable to the product, process, characteristics and material contracted to the sub-tier supplier are specified in the suppliers purchasing document.

Requirements specified by HARALD PIHL shall be compiled with throughout the supply chain and the supplier is responsible to flow down any changes in the requirements that may affect the processing performed by a sub-tier supplier.

Any changes to the processes, products or services, including changes of their supplier or location of manufacture shall be notified and approved by HARALD PIHL AB.

10. Delivery
Full traceability of the goods shall be guaranteed by the supplier. The supplier shall ensure that each delivery shall be accompanied by mill test certificate, certificate of conformance and a delivery note, which shows a reference to the order number and material markings.

On time delivery is crucial and any delay in shipment must be notified to HARALD PIHL as soon as the delay is known by the supplier.

11. Confidentiality
All information of a confidential nature shall be kept in strict confidence by the supplier.

12. Surveillance at suppliers facilities
HARALD PIHL representatives shall have the right, with the suppliers co-operation, of entry into a supplier's facility or that of their subcontractors. The supplier shall make available quality system documentation and quality records as well as the ability to conduct audits and verify product and processes.

13. Ethical behaviour
The supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practices in relation to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

14. Conflict Materials
HARALD PIHL is committed to be part of a conflict-free supply chain and supports the Conflict Mineral legislation.

Supply of material against HARALD PIHL's order confirms DRC conflict free source has been used, unless the supplier states otherwise.

15. Rejection
HARLD PIHL shall be entitled to reject any goods delivered which are not in accordance with the order, including, but not limited to, where goods are defective, do not comply with specification, not delivered by the delivery date or goods not released under the correct approval.