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Power generation

Our alloys find application in the most challenging scenarios across combined-cycle power, waste-to-energy, biomass, nuclear power, and renewable energy facilities.


Round bar; hot rolled, annealed Dia=25.4 mm, Weight=4.5 kg/m ASTM B446 UNS N066255

Diameter (mm): 25,4
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Art.no 11682

Round bar; annealed Dia=50.8 mm, Weight=17.1 kg/m ASTM B446 UNS N06625

Diameter (mm): 50,8
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Art.no 11683

Round bar; annealed Dia=76.2 mm, Weight=38.5 kg/m AMS 5666

Diameter (mm): 76,2
In Stock (424.62 kg)
Art.no 10159

Round bar; annealed Dia=82.55 mm, Weight=45.2 kg/m AMS 5666 ASTM B/ASME SB446 UNS N06625

Diameter (mm): 82,55
Out of Stock
Art.no 12390

Round bar;hot worked, peeled, annealed Dia=85.0 mm, Weight=47.9 kg/m ASTM B/ASME SB 446 AMS 5666

Diameter (mm): 85
In Stock (19.42 kg)
Art.no 11451

Round bar; forged, annealed Dia=85.72 mm, Weight=48.7 kg/m ASTM B/ASME SB 446 AMS 5666 UNS N06625

Diameter (mm): 85,72
Out of Stock
Art.no 12634

Round bar;forged, annealed Dia=90.0 mm, Weight=53.7 kg/m ASTM B446

Diameter (mm): 90
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Art.no 11681

Round bar; annealed Dia=101.6 mm, Weight=68.4 kg/m ASTM B446 UNS N06625

Diameter (mm): 101,6
In Stock (11.40 kg)
Art.no 11684

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