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HARALD PIHL has a long and successful tradition of trading metals. Over a hundred years of experience have let us build a broad network of contacts all around the world, and we have become highly selective over the years. We connect the entire chain – ensuring a seamless process from start to finish with a high level of security, and stable finances.

If you're interested in alloys not in our current inventory, we can promptly source them by reaching out to the appropriate supplier. Honesty and transparency are at the core of our operations, and our good reputation and long-standing personal relationships have afforded us the opportunity to set standards. We know from where to order, resulting in swift deliveries, favorable terms, and precise quality.

We supply any size or shape with all necessary certifications, and short lead times. This also goes for specs, forms, and dimensions that are not represented in our ordinary stock – be it plates, bars, pipes, or wires. We ensure all documentation is in order, and we personally verify the quality before forwarding it.

Add to that our expertise in customization, cutting, marking, production of semi-finished or finished parts, and the complete supply of components and alloys for complex projects. Read more about how we can help with projects & customization here.

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Examples of alloys we source for clients:


Titanium Grade 3
Titanium Grade 4
Titanium Grade 5 / Ti 6Al-4V
Titanium Grade 5 ELI / Titanium Grade 23
Titanium Grade 5 STA
Titanium Grade 6 / Ti 5Al-2.5Sn
Titanium Grade 7
Titanium Grade 9 / Ti 3Al-2.5V
Titanium Grade 11
Titanium Grade 12
Titanium Grade 19 / Ti Beta C
Titanium 6Al-6V-2Sn / Ti 6-6-2
Titanium 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo / Ti 6-2-4-2
Titanium 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo / Ti 6-2-4-6
Titanium 8Al-1Mo-1V / Ti 8-1-1
Titanium 10V-2Fe-3Al
Titanium 15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al






Alloy 410S
Alloy 321H
Hidurel 5
Duplex 2507
Alloy A-286
Alloy 17-4 PH
2205 duplex
AISI 329 Duplex
LDX 2101 lean duplex
EDX 2304 lean duplex
1.4418 (SS 2387)
AISI 420
AISI 321
AISI 316Ti
AISI 442
AISI 310
AISI 330
AISI 309
Maraging 350





Alloy 725
Alloy 740H
Alloy X-750
Alloy 751
Alloy 783
Alloy N06230
Alloy 803
Alloy 945x
Alloy 020
Alloy PE11
Alloy PE16
Alloy PK33
Alloy 188
Alloy L-605
Alloy R41
Alloy 48
Alloy R-405
Alloy 902 (Ni-Span-C®)
Alloy 556
Alloy HR-120
Alloy HR-224
Alloy HR-235
Alloy NS-163
René 41
Alloy W
Alloy B-3
Alloy C-4
Alloy C-2000
Alloy G-30
Alloy G-35
Alloy N





CCZ / CuCr1Zr
CCB / CuCo2Be
CCNB / CuCo1Ni1Be
CNB spez / CuNi2Be
CB2 /CuBe2
CUAL10NI5FE4 (4 Fe/5 Ni/10 Al/Cu)
CUNI10FE1MN (1 Fe/10 Ni/Cu)
CuSn6 (6Sn/0,2P/Cu)


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