Global presence and fast deliveries


Global presence

During the last 100 years we have worked hard to not just offer high-quality special alloys and fast deliveries. We want to work closely together with our customers, both in terms of understanding your needs and finding ways to accommodate them. But just as much, being present where you are. Our origin is Swedish but we have 20 offices all over the world and we continue to grow and expand globally. Our deliveries find you worldwide, but we are at the same time proud of our local service and knowledge. We provide information in your language and yes, we do appreciate face-to-face meetings.

Fast deliveries

We are known for our expertise in special alloys. Our customers have learned along the way that we also excel in logistics. We know that time is precious and valuable for you so we are constantly trimming our organization and optimizing our facilities in order to make the process as efficient as possible. Thanks to our large stock of special alloys and unique inhouse services, it actually could be that we are the fastest in the industry. But we are not just fast, we never compromise on quality and for your security, we always make sure that the needed documentation is in place.