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Alloy 90

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Round bar; cold drawn, annealed Dia=10.0 mm, Weight=0.64 kg/m

Diameter (mm): 10
Out of Stock
Art.no 10229

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=12.7 mm, Weight=1.03 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 12,7
In Stock (17.50 kg)
Art.no 10230

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=16.2 mm, Weight=1.69 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 16,2
Out of Stock
Art.no 12224

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=20.0 mm, Weight=2.5 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 20
In Stock (482.71 kg)
Art.no 12616

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=25.4 mm, Weight=4.1 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 25,4
In Stock (310.62 kg)
Art.no 12691

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=31.75 mm, Weight=6.3 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 31,75
In Stock (634.30 kg)
Art.no 12618

Round bar; forging quality, machined Dia=45.0 mm, Weight=13.1 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 45
Out of Stock
Art.no 10232

Round bar; cold drawn, annealed, aged Dia=5.0 mm, Weight=0.16kg/m ABB STAL 637303

Diameter (mm): 5
Out of Stock
Art.no 10226

Round bar; cold drawn, solution treated Dia=6.0 mm, Weight=0.25 kg/m ABB STAL 637301

Diameter (mm): 6
In Stock (36.28 kg)
Art.no 10227

Round bar; cold drawn, solution treated Dia=7.0 mm, Weight= 0.16 kg/m ABB STAL 637301

Diameter (mm): 7
Out of Stock
Art.no 10228

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=71.0 mm, Weight=33 kg/m DPTLV-00000365

Diameter (mm): 71
Out of Stock
Art.no 11832

Round bar; solution treated, machined Dia=90.0 mm, Weight=52 kg/m

Diameter (mm): 90
Out of Stock
Art.no 10234
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