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A Family of People and Metals


We offer special alloys that can handle extreme and high-performance environments.

Fast and accessible solutions that make a difference for our customers’ businesses and our society. That is what we do. How we do it is the result of over hundred years of commitment, a long-term perspective on businesses and the relationships created along the way. Yes, we have been in the game for a long time, but are more enthusiastic and eager than ever to bring our expertise and experience into the future. Always being present where our customers are, always meeting the needs of high-demanding industries, always taking pride in doing more for our customers, partners and colleagues. We are the HARALD PIHL family, welcome to expect more. Always.

We are experts in metals since 1912

HARALD PIHL is a family business founded in 1912. Over a hundred years later, our new generations of experts face new customer demands, but handle them with the same kind of dedication to make a difference for you as our customer. Always as experts in special metals.


This is our history 


Quality and certificates

As experts in special metals, we aim to have the highest level of quality visible in all our work and to exceed the demands set by our customers and the authorities. One strong proof is the certifications of our quality management system.





Global presence and fast deliveries

We constantly expand our global arena to be present where you are and we are constantly proud of being known for our fast deliveries.






We are a family-owned company founded in 1912, with the conviction that long-term success goes hand in hand with a sustainable business approach. It is about what we do, how we do it and what we believe in. 






Social commitment

At HARALD PIHL, we strongly believe in the responsibility that businesses hold towards society. Throughout the years, we have actively supported various projects and charitable organizations, aiming to make the world a better place, keeping next generations in mind. 





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Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Harald Pihl family?

Are you ready for a career in metal? Our personal, trustworthy, and professional approach
is rooted in our Swedish heritage,and make us stand out on the global stage. 

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 The Harald Pihl Family