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At HARALD PIHL, we live by the principle that our customers should get what they want without unnecessary complications. If there’s one thing a hundred years of experience has taught us, it is that being attentive, adaptable, and customer-focused pays off in the long run. We manufacture finished or semi-finished parts and applications, in everything from single orders to complete projects. Whether it’s flanges, pipes, coils, wires, cut profiles, or bent sheets, we ensure that your requirements are met promptly and without delays. Additionally, we support with inventory management through call-offs. From us, you can always expect more.

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We have a long experience of setting up bespoke solutions for our clients


All types of metal adaptation, from profiles to semi-finished parts


We trade with an international network of well-respected suppliers


Precision cutting techniques such as waterjet cutting and guillotine cutting.



Ensuring the traceability of materials throughout the production process

 Quality Control

Measuring alloy composition by PMI/XRF to ensure material identification

 Inventory Management

With Europe’s largest stock of alloys, we hold inventory with call-offs for customers


We offer fast and secure deliveries worldwide

We know that when our customers reach out, time is often a crucial factor, but that this can never mean compromising on quality. With over a century of experience in the industry, we have established a broad network of experienced and quality-focused suppliers, and we oversee the entire process from inquiry to delivery. Simply inform us of your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

“Our customers choose us because of our high quality and reliability. We need suppliers who keep their promises. Harald Pihl is an important partner for us.”

- Jonas Björk, Head of procurement and logistics, Furhoffs

Our expertise in setting up and managing the entire process makes us a reliable partner, even for the most complex projects. Ensuring we acquire exactly the right alloys, apply the correct manufacturing techniques, and stay on top of certifications and methods throughout the entire journey requires meticulous attention and solid experience.

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