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Various types of special alloys, titanium and copper alloys

With over 100 years of experience, we offer an extensive stock of various types of titanium as well as copper and nickel alloys. We carry nickel, titanium, stainless steel and much more. If you’re still unable to find the alloys that you need for a specific application, regardless if it’s meant for aerospace or medical applications, we always make sure to walk that extra mile to find the right alloys for your industry.

Titanium and copper alloys that meet specific demands

Given our experience, we have a vast knowledge of metallurgy and everything around it. Our experts always make sure to find the right copper, titanium or other type of alloy that not only can handle extreme environments, but that also meet your specific demands.

World-wide deliveries

With fast deliveries all over the world we are the given option when you need high-quality alloys that meet the demands of today. Search in the stock list to find the alloys that you need.


Search for all our products and availability with live data. Is your material not available in our stock? 

Do not hesitate to ask us anyway - we might be able to source the material for you against a short lead time.

We also supply extra thin tubes - click here for more information!

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