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Social commitment 

At HARALD PIHL, we strongly believe in the responsibility that businesses hold towards society.
By providing employment opportunities, paying taxes, and engaging in business collaborations, we understand that we contribute to the development of the world we live in, keeping the next generations in mind. However, we aspire to go beyond these responsibilities and make an even greater impact.


Throughout the years, we have actively supported various projects and charitable organizations, aiming to make the world a better place. We have committed to sharing a portion of every order to contribute to these initiatives. We have collaborated with UNICEF to help prevent child malnutrition, recognizing the critical importance of providing proper nutrition to vulnerable children.


Additionally, we have partnered with 4ocean, a commendable organization that works tirelessly to combat plastic pollution and protect our oceans.

Girls Gotta Run

Supporting KARMA coffee and their project "Girls Gotta Run" has also been a privilege, as they empower young girls through running programs, fostering their personal development and wellbeing.

UNHCR and Blågula bilen

We have contributed to refugee support initiatives in collaboration with UNHCR, understanding the plight of those who have been displaced. Moreover, we have taken a hands-on approach by being the main financier of a mobile emergency unit built within a truck. This unit will provide crucial medical care to those in need in eastern Ukraine, making a tangible difference in their lives.

We feel truly honored to be able to participate in these endeavors, knowing that our contributions can positively impact the lives of individuals and communities. It is through our collective efforts that we can bring about meaningful change and create a more compassionate and just world.