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As experts in special alloys, we go beyond material and sourcing.
Offering state of the art precision solutions, we have high quality and modern technology to custom-made the metals you need. Specialist knowledge to deliver unique solutions.



Our service center combines precision cutting techniques, advanced machinery, and meticulous traceability measures to deliver high-quality cut pieces that meet your specifications. Whether you need coil handling, band saw cutting, abrasive cutting wheel services, or precise marking for traceability, we are committed to providing you with exceptional results and ensuring the utmost quality in every aspect of our operations.

We do not only have experience and knowledge in a vast variety of cutting methods, but also modern high-end machines to guarantee a high performance cutting.

Waterjet cutting

Our waterjet cutting technique provides unique solutions for your business. Experience and technology come together to deliver according to your exact demands and dimensions.

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Guillotine Cutter

We cut sheet and plate with high shearing accuracy according to our customers needs and specifications. Maximum width is 3050 mm and we cut with a general cutting tolerance of -0/+3 mm.




Coil Handling Machine

Our coil handling machine allows us to efficiently cut sheets from coils with a precision that matches your exact requirements and desired lengths. Thanks to the accuracy, we prevent unnecessary scrap and minimize waste.




Band saws

Our service center specializes in high-quality cutting of round bars and tubing, with a maximum outer diameter (OD) of 460 mm. We employ band saw cutting techniques to achieve precise cuts with tight tolerances, tailored to your specifications. We prioritize accuracy and ensure comprehensive traceability measures, enabling us to track and account for every cut piece.




Abrasive Cutting wheel

For fine tubes with outer diameters starting from 2 mm, our service center offers an abrasive cutting wheel technique. This specialized cutting method allows us to achieve clean and precise cuts regardless of your needs- from small, intricate pieces to longer segments.





Ensuring the traceability of materials is essential for quality control and compliance purposes. When we cut material, we transfer the original markings onto each cut piece so that all information, such as batch numbers or other identifiers, remain intact and easily identifiable throughout the production process. That is how we always can guarantee traceability, provide necessary documentation and take accountability for the material we deliver. 


Permanent marking

When splitting material, we transfer the markings according to the guidelines of AD 2000 and PED. We offer permanent marking and hard stamping if required by our customers.




Surface finish

Upon customer request we measure surface roughness of our sheet, coil and plate.




Material identification

Samples from all incoming material is checked by PMI/XRF to measure alloy composition and to ensure material identification.