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Drawing upon our extensive experience as a supplier to the defense industry, we are unwavering in our commitment to strict adherence to international standards and regulations.

We take pride in our capacity to offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of defense projects, combined with a dependable and secure supply chain, reinforcing our reputation as an exceptional supplier for the defense industry.


Plate; annealed, sand-blasting surface 25.4x1000x3000 mm, 347.5 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 25.4x1000x3000
In Stock (2 st)
Art.no 11819

Plate; annealed, sand-blasting surface 10.0x1000x3000 mm, 132.9 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 10.0x1000x3000
In Stock (17 st)
Art.no 11831

Plate; annealed, sand-blasting surface 6.35x1000x3000 mm, 84.4 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 6.35x1000x3000
In Stock (6 st)
Art.no 11846

Plate; annealed 55.0x1350x2000 mm, 658 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 55.0x1350x2000
Out of Stock
Art.no 12401

Plate; annealed 60.0x1350x2000 mm, 718 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 60.0x1350x2000
Out of Stock
Art.no 12402

Plate; annealed 65.0x1200x2000 mm, 619 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 65.0x1200x2000
Out of Stock
Art.no 12403

Plate; annealed 63.5x1000x3000 mm, 844 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 63.5x1000x3000
Out of Stock
Art.no 12439

Plate; annealed 76.2x1000x2000 mm, 1013 kg/pc ASTM B265

Diameter (mm): 76.2x1000x2000
Out of Stock
Art.no 12440

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