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Oil & Gas

We are serving a global market with a variety of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials for challenging oil and gas environments.

Topside, Subsea (Sensors, Cameras, Valves etc.), Exploration, Seismic, Down-Hole Drilling, Water Separation systems, and Heat-Exchangers, to name a few areas where you will find our material.

Please reach out, if you want to learn more about our offer of Titanium, Nickel and other high-performance alloys certified for the Oil/Gas industry. E.G. acc.to ASTM, ASME, ISO, TÜV, NACE. We also supply NORSOK M-630 titanium produced by M-650 certified manufacturers.

Product forms in stock: Bar, Sheet/Plate, Pipe/Fittings, Welding material and more.


Round bar; solution annealed Dia=25.4 mm, Weight=4.5 kg/m ASTM B/ASME SB574 UNS N10276 W.Nr: 2.4819

Diameter (mm): 25,4
In Stock (586.27 kg)
Art.no 10077

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=30.0 mm, Weight=6.1 kg/m ASTM B/ASME SB574 UNS N10276 W.Nr: 2.4819

Diameter (mm): 30
In Stock (92.96 kg)
Art.no 10082

Round bar; solution annealed Dia=90.0 mm, Weight=57.3 kg/m ASTM B/ASME SB574 UNS N10276

Diameter (mm): 90
Out of Stock
Art.no 12058

Round bar; forged, annealed Dia=100,0 mm, Weight=70.9 kg/m ASTM B564 UNS N10276

Diameter (mm): 100
Out of Stock
Art.no 12325

Tube; welded, cold drawn, annealed 4.0 x 0.25 mm W.Nr. 2.4819

Diameter (mm): 5 x 0,25
In Stock (123.00 m)
Art.no 11921

Tube; redrawn, welded 14.2 x 2.5 mm

Diameter (mm): 14,2 x 2,5
Out of Stock
Art.no 10528

Pipe; bright annealed, welded 60.33 x 2.77 mm, (2"nb sch10s) ASTM B/ASME SB 619, UNS N10276

Diameter (mm): 60,33 x 2,77
In Stock (41.41 m)
Art.no 10556

Sheet; cold rolled, solution annealed 4.0x1200x3000 mm, 128 kg/pc ASTM B/ASME SB 575 UNS N10276

Diameter (mm): 4.0x1200x3000
In Stock (3 st)
Art.no 10739

Other industry solution applications