Always the highest quality

Our main task is to exceed customer’s expectations. We aim to have the highest level of quality visible in all our work and to meet the demands set by our customers and the authorities. Our alloys are intended for use in a large variety of applications and sectors, such as the engine and automotive sector, oil and gas and aviation industries. High-tech sectors have particularly strict demands especially when it comes to quality due to the advanced nature of their work. Our quality management system is certified in accordance to ISO 9001 as well as AS9120 which permits us to stock and sell to the aerospace industry, thus showing the high standard that permeates our organisation.

Quality is always a top priority when carrying out our daily tasks and is visible from the first point of contact with a customer to delivery of the material. We work closely with the best material manufacturers and impose strict demands on what we require; this is not only on the quality but also on documentation, traceability and delivery reliability. We continuously carry out supplier monitoring against these criteria to ensure that our standards are being adhered to.

Controlled deliveries

When we receive the material we carefully check the quality along with the documentation to make sure there are no discrepancies. We also analyse the material using a spectrometer to ensure that it is correct. Once the material has been approved it receives a barcode and is entered in to our system. The system enables us to have full traceability of each piece together with its complete documentation.

Our knowledgeable sales engineers help customers to find the right material with the correct specifications for each application. We monitor and audit our own performance regularly to increase customer satisfaction and where possible, to further improve our quality system.

When a problem does occur we have a reliable complaints procedure in place to efficiently handle any anomalies. We are focused on being a solution provider and take pride in all that we do to support our customers with any issues they may face.

Our Certificates of Approvals



ISO 9001

ISO 14001