HARALD PIHL is supplying a global market with a variety of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials for challenging oil & gas environments. Topside, Subsea (Sensors, Cameras, Valves etc.), Exploration, Seismic, Down-Hole Drilling, Water Separation systems, and Heat-Exchangers, to name a few areas where you will find our material.

We have extended expertise through decades in this field, and HARALD PIHL AB are in the forefront when it comes to documentation and quality control. Specialized in the toughest materials with the highest strength/weight ratio for the hardest of environments thinkable.

Contact us today and learn more about our wide selection of Titanium, Nickel and other high performance alloys certified for the Oil/Gas industry. E.G. acc.to ASTM, ASME, ISO, TÜV, NACE. We also supply NORSOK M-630 titanium produced by M-650 certified manufacturers.

Product forms in stock are: Bar, Sheet/Plate, Pipe/Fittings, Welding material and more.