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Waspaloy (UNS N07001/W. Nr. 2.4654) is a nickelbase, age hardenable superalloy with excellent hightemperature strength and good corrosion resistance, notably to oxidation, at service temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C) for critical rotating applications, and up to 1600°F (870°C) for other, less demanding, applications. The alloy’s high-temperature strength is derived from its solid solution strengthening elements, molybdenum, cobalt and chromium, and its agehardening elements, aluminum and titanium. Its strength and stability ranges are higher than those typically available for alloy 718.

Waspaloy is used for gas turbine engine components that call for considerable strength and corrosion resistance at high operating temperatures. Current and potential applications include compressor and rotor discs, shafts, spacers, seals, rings and casings, fasteners and other miscellaneous engine hardware, airframe assemblies and missile systems. The alloy’s oxidation resistance is good under conditions of frequent thermal cycling, and in continuous exposure to temperatures up to 1900°F (1038°C). It has performed well in atmospheres found in gas turbine engine service and in salt spray environments. Solution-treated material offers the best levels of corrosion resistance.

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