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Waterjet cutting

What happens if you combine an extensive experience of special alloys, the largest stock in Europe and an in-house waterjet cutting service?

You get our unique offer of expertise in material and high-quality, custom-cut alloys. We know material and optimize the waterjet cutting technique depending on the alloys you need, including Titanium and Nickel.

Waterjet cutting is a cold working method, meaning there is no buildup of inner tensions in the material, melted edges or hardening of the material. Unlike traditional mechanical cutting systems, waterjet generates no noxious fumes during the cutting process and there are no chemically contaminated chips to dispose of. The abrasive waterjet's narrow cut width allows for close nesting of parts to maximize material utilization.

Our specialists operate two waterjet cutters that run 24/7. We guarantee an efficient process with short lead times, being able to deliver within a few days, and a meticulous control function. All the way from receiving your drawing or specifications to final outcome. We are flexible, fast and deliver waterjet cut alloys to you no matter where in the world you are.



-Plate optimizing, to guarantee competitive pricing 

-Cost effective for small as well as big series

- Customized cutting-qualities (rough, medium, fine)

-Big variation in thickness of sheets/plates (0,4mm –> 101,6 mm)

-Narrow cutting-tolerances up to (+/-0.15mm)

-We draw your parts directly to our CAD system.

-We accept all kinds of drawings (pdf, dxf, dwg, free drawn etc)

-Environmentally friendly method with minimal waste

-Aerospace approved / Aerospace certified


Minimum hole diameter: 2 mm
Longest cutting distance: 4200 mm
Widest cutting distance: 2400 mm



Quality and certificates

As experts in special alloys, aiming for the highest level of quality is as much a part of our DNA as it is a top priority in everything we do. 








Global presence and fast deliveries

We constantly expand our global arena to be present where you are and we are constantly proud of being known for our fast deliveries.





A history of expertise

With over a hundred years of experience and dedication, it has never been more true to call us a family of experts.